[[t]ˈʌpˌθrʌst[/t]] n.
1) a thrust in an upward direction
2) gel Geol. an upheaval of a part of the earth's crust
Etymology: 1840–50

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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  • upthrust — adjective thrust upwards. → upthrust upthrust noun 1》 Physics the upward force that a fluid exerts on a body floating in it. 2》 Geology the upward movement of part of the earth s surface. verb [usu. as adjective upthrust] thrust upwards …   English new terms dictionary

  • upthrust — [up′thrust΄] n. 1. an upward push or thrust 2. Geol. an upheaval of a part of the earth s crust …   English World dictionary

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  • upthrust — n. upward push; raised area of land (Geology) …   English contemporary dictionary

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